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Hedge Laying. 2 day course £110.00 run throughout the winter weekends.


Hedgelaying is a traditional way of making a hedge stock proof.  Once cut, layed, tied or weaved it provides the base for an impenetrable fence.  It also sets the foundation for many years of growth that is easy to maintain.

The course is led by Max Simpson a small holders contractor who certainly  knows how to do things the proper Cornish way!!

Having had many years experience maintaining small holdings, he is certainly the choice of all the local farmers for all their hedging, fencing and groundwork.

He also collects and uses old machinery and can get most things going or offer advice on how to!

You will be working on live hedges and so need to be reasonably fit and able.

What you need;

Strong boots or wellies, preferably with steel toecaps.

Overalls or work wear.

Waterproofs – just in case!!!

Gloves – preferably a gauntlet type ie welders gloves to protect your arms.


Billhook or devon hook


Bow saw small or large

Axe or hatchet

Sharpening stones


We have some tools to borrow but these are what you need if you intend on carrying on you new found expertise and are always useful for other jobs.

We can buy the tools locally for you should you wish.


Our lodges and bungalows will be available for accommodation at a discounted rate,  so either come on your own or bring the family!!!



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